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August 24, 1920, George F. Flaherty's two sheep-Michael J. Knowles in photo,_.jpg

Michael Knowles

A brief summary of his role in the hunt and demographics.

The Story of Michael Knowles

No question, Mike Knowles was grandpa's favorite person of the hunting party. Mike Knowles corresponded, not only with Grandpa but with several of Will's children, including Lud, Norene, and Mary Ann.  

Story told by Lud Buman to Tom Buman


At some point, Mike Knowles confided with Grandpa Buman that he had deserted the British army while fighting in the Boer War in South Africa.  Dad did not know if Mike had been drafted or whether he had volunteered for enlistment.  As I heard it from Dad, while in South Africa, he and some of his friends began to think they were fighting for an unjust cause.  After some time, he and some of his friends deserted, and were concealed and protected by some of the locals until they could find safe passage, by boat, out of South Africa.


In a letter, dated January 26, 1952 Mike wrote about deserting the army.

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